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Posted by Admin on Friday, June 11, 2010

Sekedar Info Kontes seo PutraHosting.com dapur hosting hemat yang diakan oleh PutraHosting.com. Infonya ini :

This time putrahosting.com entered into small SEO contest's.

This SEO contest websites reviewed the " PutraHosting.com dapur hosting hemat "

In this contest, 10 winners will compete.

Implementation of this contest will take place from now and in the end on Saturday, June 22, 2010 at 22:00.

Conditions of the contest:

* Have your own blog
* Create a posting to review the page and PutraHosting.com product and to provide suggestions and constructive criticism.
* Title and Keyword posts are economical hosting PutraHosting.com kitchen
* Must put the link in the sidebar bloggrol and installed heading to our website with Anchor: Kitchen Hosting Save and address http://putrahosting.com
* Participants must register itself to putra.hosting @ yahoo.com.

Registration format: Your full name [space] e-mail address [space] name of the blog [space] in your blog post address

* Executives, family, sponsors of PutraHosting.com frugal kitchen should not be hosting this contest.
* May not oppose the jury's decision, because the jury's decision is final and can not be rescinded.

Assessment System and Winners:
Assessment conducted by google.co.id. and 10 winners will be drawn from the blog posting titled and Keyword is " PutraHosting.com dapur hosting hemat "

When it appears in the search for the name of the website belongs to us and we are making, it will not be included in the winner.

The result of the contest will be announced on Sunday, June 23, 2010. Winners will be contacted via e-mail address and we will announce the hosting fanbook PutraHosting.com efficient kitchen.

Prizes are up for grabs:

1. Domain. Com + hosting of 100 MB
2. Domain. Net + hosting 100 MB
3. Domain. Web.id + hosting 100 MB
4. Domain. Web.id + hosting 100 MB
5. Domain. Web.id + hosting 100 MB
6. Domain. Web.id + hosting 100 MB
7. Domain. Web.id + hosting 100 MB
8. Domain. Web.id + hosting 100 MB
9. 100 MB Hosting
10. 100 MB Hosting

Prize is valid for one year, you can extend it in the kitchen PutraHosting.com hosting with little cost saving.
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